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In the Western system , only four elements are identified: fire, earth, air, and water, and each element is associated with three signs with psychological features. Each sign has one element associated with it. A feature of the Chinese zodiac that is incomparable to anything in the West is that it is bad luck when your year comes around every 12 years you "offend the god of age".

Your horoscope is no more unlucky or lucky than usual in your Western zodiac month.

Everything You Need to Know About the Controversial 13th Zodiac Sign

Pigs beware in a Pig year. Read more here about how to make sure you're lucky in your zodiac year. We've got plenty of tour options, whether you already know what you want to see , or are only just starting to research your first trip to China. We have even compiled a list of the four best cities to visit for Chinese New Year , if you want to experience the biggest of the Chinese celebrations. If you are interested in fortune telling, make sure you tell us ahead of time , and we can arrange for a Chinese fortune telling at one of China's many temples.

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The Chinese zodiac and the Western zodiac have a half month or one solar term overlap. Appreciation of the moon runs deep in Chinese culture. Chinese New Year decorations. You Might Like Chinese Zodiac. When they are happy they are outgoing, gregarious, and kind, but when they are upset these traits quickly disappear. Ultimately, Wolverines want to be the best all the time.


Unlike many other signs, those born under this one can typically let their intuition and natural ways of being guide them through life successfully. They might be known as big tough guys, but they are totally helpless when it comes to emotions like sadness or loneliness. In return, Wolverines will shower their friends with affection and kindness, for few people can make others feel as good about themselves as Wolverines naturally do.

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Wolverines have good luck in relationships. They naturally attract partners without trying, which means they usually get to be the ones chased and propositioned, which they love. However, it is not unlikely that they will be more intrigued by those who seem immune to their natural charms.

After all, Wolverines love nothing more than fighting for what they want, and though they can be easily manipulated in their youth, older and more mature members of this sign will eventually do best to settle down with a partner who exudes a quiet stability. Females will require, at a minimum, flowers on valentines day big enough for coworkers to be jealous of , while males will prefer gifts or experiences that show, without a doubt, how much they are loved and respected.

If there is one guiding principle for Wolverines it is that they will do, feel, and serve much better if they are in charge. Not only are they naturally inclined to be the leader in every situation, they also rarely make good followers. That said, there are several jobs that are tailor-made for the Wolverine personality, all of which involve equal parts risk and reward. Some are of an artistic nature while others focus more on money and material success.

Which is the best choice depends on the other personality aspects of the individual.

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In western culture, we usually squirm when we see a rat! But if you can get beyond that squeamishness, the message here is a good one. The Rat is intelligent, charming and sociable. She is extremely capable of finding food, shelter, and partnership. These are all terrific qualities that we could benefit from developing in ourselves!

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Is there a situation that is calling out for you to step up and be a leader? Could you benefit from acknowledging to yourself that you are strong, capable, and successful at covering those basic human needs for yourself: food and shelter. Pat yourself on the back! The rat in you is ready to shine…. External image. Pt 2 How ridiculous is that article? What bull crap!! Give me some asks to answer :.

Not many people acknowledge me, and I have a hard time grasping who I am everyday I wake up. My mind has been blank for awhile, and the only stimulus I get are from depressants. There are obvious steps I need to take, but my body rejects me for even doing that. Or is it my mind? Could I be making myself run around in circles for the enjoyment? Another thing: I keep asking myself questions that I never answer.

One more thing: I ask dumb questions. I also feel stupid because I lack college education and a degree. Suffering is eternal, I get that. I could be bipolar. Then again, I could be taking this way of out proportion. You see, whenever I think or speak or write, it feels like each of my hands has a different personality. My left writes about sovereignty while my right speaks of deceit. There are many forms of duality in the world, but why do I have to be split? I feel distanced from myself, even. It feels like I could keep writing and writing, too.

Turmoil means a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty. Which is why I need to choose now. Extroverted, gay, talkative, likable, with considerable personal magnetism, the Horse likes to shine in society.

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Natives of this sign charm people because they are very attractive, but they are more clever than intelligent. Ambitious, they can become ruthless when someone attempts to block their path. Money runs through their finger; they have no conception of economy. It is in diplomacy that they are most successful. In love, they can be passionate, but sometimes their ardor is extinguished just as suddenly as it was kindled. As the head of the family, the Horse can be a petty tyrant.

The fire Horse has traditionally been considered a highly unfavorable sign, portending to defeats and catastrophes, and it was thought unwise to undertake anything important in the course of that year. I doubt it works in the way many people seem to believe. There are other methods to classify the signs, all of which can be used together. In addition, each pair of consecutive years corresponds to a specific element, which also affects a personality reading - an Ox is typically seen as stern and inflexible, but a Water Ox or Wood Ox will be seen as more flexible than a Metal Ox according to a simple reading.

The above listed is the Chinese Zodiac, and this is the one most familiar to most Western and Eastern audiences alike as well as being the original one, but other Eastern zodiacs exist. The Korean and Japanese are functionally identical to the Chinese Zodiac, with changes primarily in nomenclature. The Vietnamese zodiac, however, replaces the rabbit with the cat a pity Kyo wasn't born there , and the Thai zodiac replaces the dragon with the naga.

For a more in-depth look at the animals of the Zodiac, see The Analysis page. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. Digimon Tamers had a group of 12 enemies called Devas Based on the Twelve Heavenly Generals , each Digimon representing an animal from the eastern zodiac. The rabbit Deva, Antylamon, became the partner of Henry's little sister after devolving into Lopmon. The main characters of Eto Rangers are a team of anthromorphic animals made up of the Zodiac who fight monsters to prevent the destruction of the Novel Worlds.

The race plays a crucial part of the plot, as it led to the Cat becoming the main antagonist for most of the anime. Etotama revolves around personifications of the zodiac, focusing on Nyaa-tan the cat coming up with various ways to get herself into the group. Chuu-tan the rat is more or less played up as a sadistic villain by comparison.

The ring girls from the Tournament arc of Flame of Recca are dressed thematically after the zodiac animals. Fruits Basket has a family of characters each of whom transforms into an animal of the zodiac if hugged by a member of the opposite sex. The characters all have personalities supposed to be typical of that animal. There is also a character who transforms into a 13th animal, the cat, who plays the villain in a traditional eastern myth about the origin of the zodiac, and one member of the family embodies the God or Emperor who set the race in the first place.

Unfortunately for the owner of the dragon spirit, a little wordplay means that instead of turning into an actual dragon which would be badass , he turns into a "baby dragon", or seahorse. The tiger owner isn't very intimidating, either. The "true tale" of what really happened in the Zodiac legend and why the cat was excluded isn't revealed until the end of the manga. With the exception of the Rat and Boar, all of the members have their appearances modeled after their respective animal.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War has a group of twelve warriors, each assigned to a zodiac animal, pitted against each other in a battle royale death match where the last one standing can have one wish granted. Fullswing has zodiac-animal-themed characters and names. All of them go to Juunishi High whose name is just as on the nose. Naruto has hand signs for all zodiac animals. Vampire Knight : The author is said to have modeled the main trio after their respective signs.

Kaname is hinted to be the Tiger while Zero is canonly the Dog. Some confusion exists on whether Yuuki is the Rabbit or Boar. Card Games. Magic: The Gathering. The Portal: Three Kingdoms set has 12 creatures corresponding to the Zodiac signs. Georges, beat the aforemention cards in the Year of the Dragon. The Zoodiac archetype in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Comic Books. Introduced in Alpha Flight was the government-sponsored China Force, a group of superhumans with each member given a codename from an animal of the zodiac. Birds of Prey once encountered a mercenary team of martial artists known as the 12 Brothers In Silk , who had been conceived specifically to be born under a specific zodiac sign by their father Huang, a legendary martial artist, for the sole purpose of taking his place once he was too old to fight.

Any child born in the wrong sign or as a girl was immediately killed. Each brother is named after the sign he was born under and the group is led by the brother named Rabbit. Ironically, the group is eventually killed by their sole surviving sister, whom they had themselves trained, who goes under the name White Canary.

A plot point in the Abrafaxe arc set in Meiji era Japan was that former Samurai Toru was more amenable to the idea of Westerner Heinrich von Himmelgut becoming his son-in-law because his daughter Toshiko was considered all but unmarriageable by Japanese because she was born in , a Bingwu Fire Horse year. The most recent one, , saw a significant drop in the Japanese birth-rate accompanied by a rise in the number of abortions and suspicious deaths of baby girls. The main characters of The Mighty Zodiac are twelve anthropomorphic animal warriors from the Vietnamese Zodiac while the villains are rabbits, the animal replaced by the cat.

Gets interesting when the group's Tiger turns white and the Dragon turns blue, thus becoming two of The Four Gods. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 's spin-off comic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures had the first story arc centered around a ram mutant named Zodiac kidnapping mutants to power an "artifact" called the Zodiac Key, which would grant him immense power if the animals are assembled. Films — Animated. The various animals of the eastern zodiac are the subject of the earlier Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf movies. Creative Power Entertaining was originally going to make films for all 12 of the animals in the zodiac, but stopped doing so after the seventh film.