Libra horoscope for 11 december 2019

Sexy Venus connects with power planet Pluto at PM, creating a passionate energy! Tense communications take place this morning, but your focus shifts to your career when the moon enters Libra this afternoon.

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The moon enters fellow air sign Libra today, finding you in an adventurous mood! A big boost in intuition arrives this afternoon—follow it and see where it takes you, Aquarius. Tension in your relationships arrives this morning—however, as the moon enters Libra this afternoon, you and your partners dig deeper into these issues.

Things heat up in your love life as your ruling planet Venus connects with Pluto this afternoon.


Tense conversations arrive this morning, but your focus turns to your home this afternoon when the moon enters Libra. A powerful energy flows in your creative and romantic collaborations today! Travel can inspire a new relationship or stimulate positive changes in a long-standing commitment after the 14th.

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Go to a place that holds significant meaning from your past. Watch your spending from the 1st—17th, since you may miss important details, or can even lose something valuable if you're careless.

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